The final round of the 2016/17 Asian Le Mans Series at Sepang was a tough one for the whole team because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t dial the car into the track. Sometimes a track suits a car, sometimes it doesn’t and this was one was the latter. Earlier in the season at Fuji, where the track temperature was low, the car had much more grip and the car was awesome, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be this weekend.
Having had only three weekends driving the BMW M6 GT3, I had to work extra hard on Friday in free practice, just to find the limits of the car and get a feeling for it on low grip. My  teammates, Junsan (San) Chen and Philipp Eng also had problems getting the best out the car, because unlike our competitors,we couldn’t put consistent fast laps together, which in a four hour race is a problem
Philipp started the race on Sunday and pitted almost straight away under the safety car to switch with San. Unfortunately because he had made contact  with another car on turn one, San had to take over with some body damage, which caused a lack of downforce throughout his stint. Luckily the team were able to repair this during the next pit stop for my 75 lap stint.
At the start the car felt awesome, however, after just one lap the tyres had already reached race temperature and continued to rise, causing the grip to quickly fall away. As a result it felt like a very long stint as all I could do was keep pushing hard and keep the pace up as much as possible until Phillipp took over with new tyres, on the correct pressures. A good stint by him brought the car home in a respectable seventh place, which although not the result we wanted, was the best we could expect on what turned out to be a tough weekend.